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Pheradausera 'ekakapa tea - take the first of the day's top leader sakiba. King Khan is removed because of a friend's request. The 'tea ekakapa to nayakaraja joined rajjakasaha new - like the old ekadajanera hero - stars. She halera - yanani in silence. This is the first actor pheradausera produced. As well as a little jamakaloi. Cinematography and production stories come to light was opara basu pheradausa Chatterjee. This basu babui his' rain fly through the sky pheradausake citrajagatera rupali baniye the star. He still respects his guru pheradausa. Since then he had akaksaksa, guru novel 'ekakapa tea, the big screen sayatane sajabena. After a long review found that in reality he sbapnakei. Three novel main character. I am a college professor kalejerai granthagarikake love. Konobhabei but I can not express. Afternoon tea invitation ekakapa adhyapakake his home in a declining librarian said. The sky - wind storm in the gallop of his people and units. But the way the accident occurs. Another woman had come to life. Custom pull it pull ahead of the story. These three artists are the main characters _ pheradausa performance, and rtuparna mausumi. In Bengali, from July 3 to take part in sutiye opara epara rtuparna fly cattle. Developed by Imtiaz neyamula naima at the 70 percent figure has been reproductive work already completed. Rtuparnara work will finish before you close the camera. The film taken by a friend sakibake pheradausa the start of the 'ekakapa tea in the presence of a friend of Miss sakibera Kidding. Once he agreed to balatei. He will play a significant role. This is what the film will not be my friend sakiba, sometimes not. Have the opportunity to work on a friend's film is less than happy with the non-sakiba khanao.