Kelly Brook is in some sexy PJs

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Kelly Brook is so lovely that people don’t mind whether she wears proper clothes. How fantastic is that? We certainly don’t mind at all. She can wear what she wants, although we think that in this situation less is definitely more.
Here she is, then, wearing some pyjamas whilst at a posh party on account of fancy magazine Tatler. Tatler is so posh we almost didn’t know about it even though we work in magazines. Buying it is like having access to a secret club, situated in a basement somewhere in Knightsbridge, which has high-backed leather chairs and champagne and a man in a suit standing in the bathroom to make sure everything’s going alright with your pee.
God those guys make us feel so awkward
FHM doesn’t have a club like that. FHM will quite happily lend you a fiver for a kebab, though, and chase you down the street in an attempt to ride on your back. And then spur you on to pull someone, and it actually goes pretty well and as you slip your arm around her in the thumping tumult of the club, FHM is there winking and slipping off into the night like a sex ninja.
Anyway, enough personification of magazine enterprises! Back to lovely Kelly Brook. The party was in fact a pyjama party and there are loads of pictures of other people wearing nightgowns and sleepwear but none of them are as lovely as Kelly Brook so publishing the pictures of them seemed futile at best and insulting at worst.
Due to an ancient faerie contract, Kelly Brook is continually hounded by a flock of crows
We hope she doesn’t wear heels like that in bed. They’d mess the sheets up something awful.
Kelly Brook at the Tatler's pyjama party
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