Finally rtuparna

Rituparna Sengupta-9

Pheradausa hero film in which a cup of tea before the end of last month was March, but due to illness of some parts of Kolkata actress rtuparna senaguptara matrtbajanita rest of the shooting. Because he needed to come out with its schedule twice before. Naima's director Imtiaz neyamulake new schedule last week, he said. The film director, and 7 months of the date of the current picture to one cup of tea, take part sutinye rtuparna. The shooting of the last remaining one of the latei. Korabanira Your next film is expected to be able to release the film director is doing. Film starring pheradausa, mausumi, ejajula Islam, and rtuparna munira Sen Mithun. By acting as a guest artist nayakaraja Razzak, Alamgir, Humayun pharidi, Omar sani, clever, She, silent, Mir sabibara, aamkhi Alamgir, amala Bose, snow and saccu Khan. English as a college lecturer and librarian mausumike pheradausake film will be shown. Contact rtuparna as a dancer. Rtuparna See note 3, and July. The next day, and take part in the Indoor Stadium ayojane ephadisite the film shooting will be from 7 July.