BD Actors Today is the last film released before Eid

Shakib khan and Apu in a film
The last new film released before Eid him, because I will live. The acting by sakiba Khan, Apu Biswas. Eid is still almost two months remaining. The start of Ramadan, about one month before the release of the new film is going to stop. Ramadan to start off the new release of the film pratibachara. One month after the release of several films on Eid day. Departure time. The committee is responsible for demonstrating this business mandabastha, the theater crisis, political unrest and photos sankatake. According to the Association, in the last six months, released 19 movies None did good business. The films visitors withdrawal failed to theaters. To create a good story and it was not. It has been stated to have been corrupted. The theater closed in the country should be about 1 in 000 ২শ the number 6 of the thekeche come home. Demonstrating association says, but this year more than 100 theater is closed. Now been added, with a lot of political unrest. June has been given a month to get lagatara.