Alessandra Torresani is on holiday

You know, every now and then we get a bit jealous when we’re writing articles here at FHM. See we’re always working hard to bring you exciting and important girl news from around the world. Cos we’re useful like that. 
What this means is that we have to hunt down all the breaking ‘showbiz news’ from these sunny idyllic countries, from our relatively boring office in London.  Actually it’s not that boring, since we get to chat with you lot all day, but everybody needs a holiday right? And every now and then we get to see one too many beach parties that we’ve not been invited to. And that makes us sad, and reminds us about that holiday again. And then the tears come.
Do you think she knows about the earthquake?
We could say that this one looked pretty good (but we wouldn’t actually know since we were sitting in here typing away…).  It was on Malibu Beach and was attended by lots of people, probably. One of these people was the delightful Alessandra Torresani. Now of all the places you could go to the beach, just to feel pretty smug, and be like 'yeah I'm on holiday' California is pretty high up in the rankings.

As far as TV is concerned Malibu is basically a continual, sun-drenched party wonderland, full of beautiful tanned people and only occasionally hit by a magnitude 7 earthquake.
Alesandra, who’s been in such reputable shows as Malcolm In The Middle (waaaaaay back when) and Caprica (she played Zoe Graystone) was just doing what you do at an American party.  Which is, if you are like most people, holding funny plastic cups full of dubiously coloured cocktails and shouting into the ears of strangers. Later she probably took a stroll down the beach and pondered the fact that her life seems to resemble some sort of unending holiday. Which is what you do if you live in California.