AdTech Ad The Week in Women

 Another week has gone by like sand slipping through our fingers, and what have we got to show for it? Not much. Not much aside from some wicked bruises we got off a tree. “But FHM,” you might ask, how did a tree give you bruises? Were you attacked by Lord of the Rings-style Entish treemen?”
“No,” we’d say, then call you a nerd for knowing about Ents. In fact we sent crimson-headed freelance ragamuffin Grant Howitt off to the woodlands of Farnham where, on behalf of Panasonic, he tested their camcorders by ziplining into trees and filming himself swearing frantically. Footage will hopefully show up on Monday.
Until then, why not look at beautiful women rather than terrified journalists? We know which we’d rather see. That’s why we’ve taped a picture of Kelly Brook over our bathroom mirror.