Mandy Moore's Mother is a Lesbian, Her Secret Life Exposed

Mandy Moore’s mother has reportedly become a lesbian. After leaving her husband, Mandy Moore’s mom, Stacy, started dating a woman and has now moved in with her. Her secret life is now very public across the media and may affect Mandy Moore's clean all American girl image. Click on pictures to enlarge.

In a shocking tabloid expose, the National Enquirer made the discovery that Stacy Moore has been romancing another women since leaving the singer’s father.

The other woman in question is tennis professional Claudette Laliberte. The publication also alleges that the ladies have set up a home together.
Stacy Moore and Claudette Laliberte have been secretly dating since 2006.

The tabloid claims that the affair came to notice last year after Laliberte's lover discovered the emails between the two women.

When asked about her same sex relationship with Laliberte, Stacy told the Enquirer: "It's nobody's business why we're together."

National Enquirer has again broke another interesting story,