Kristin Davis Has a Sex Tape, See This Popular American Actress Sucking Dick


So, this guy named Scott Fayner is making the claim that there is a Kristin Davis sex tape This new sex tape is being shopped around, and that stills from tape are available on a porn star's website.

There are a couple pictures, however, that have been released showing a girl, who does bear a striking resemblance to Kristin Davis, giving a blowjob, but there is absolutely no confirmation that it is indeed her. Well, let me save you the trouble of finding the photos.

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Just in time for the imminent onslaught of Sex and the City marketing for the movie, a purported sex tape starring Kristin Davis, Charlotte York on the HBO hit series, has surfaced. Only three frames has been released and the female in it does indeed bear a striking resemblance to Kristin. Kristin Davis is hot as hell, Its good its this sextape is of Kristin Davis because the other actresses on Sex and the City are all dogs. Here are some other pictures of Kristin Davis for comparison's sake.

Kristin Landen Davis (also listed as Kristin Lee Davis ) (born February 23 or February 24,1965 depending on the source) is an American Golden Globe and Emmy award-nominated actress best known for the role of Charlotte York on HBO's Sex and the City.

Having admitted to a preference for dating actors, her ex-boyfriend list is high profile and extensive, including Alec Baldwin, Jeff Goldblum, and Liev Schreiber. She says: "If I had one wish for myself, it would be to fall in love. That's asking for trouble, but that's the truth."