Is Edison Chen Personally Sending "breach of law" emails to Websites?


A reader ("Links") of sent me the most interesting email. Apparently, WKL & L is a law frim in Hong Kong. A Bucky Chan work for this firm. So if the "breach of law" email that was sent to on behalf of Edison was a fake, someone did their research. This is what is now known:

Woo, Kwan, Lee & Lo website

Bucky Chan profile on WCL & L website

Bucky Chan law firm email address is

I am guessing the email was from Mr. Edison Chen himself, celebrities some times mail the site because of their leaked sex scandal pics.

I don't care how much of a Edison Chen fan some is, I doubt they would take the time to create some email and sent to some website a threatening mail. I think Edison Chen has hit rock bottom and is now sending threaten emails to websites that have posted his scandal photos.

The funny thing is that he is using his personal email account "" and signing it Bucky Chan. We try to find information on WCL & L Associates when we first received the "breach of law" email. But got nothing until someone drop us a line.

The 48 hours deadline has come and gone days ago and nothing. I was hoping for more stupid emails from who I think might be Edison Chen. I wonder if the law firm in Hong Kong that might very well be his lawyers know that he is signing mail with the names of associates of the firm.

Someone posted the comment below that got me thinking Edison Chen is emailing the site.

oh dear a law firm with GMAIL account?? my @ss!!! and yeah
probably one of CLOT's fan or even EDC himself~!! kakakkakakak
what a lawyer will have such a stupid email add.

Below is the "breach of law" email.

Wed, 5 Mar 2008 01:49:08

"tony chan"



Thank you for taking the time to read this electronic email
I have been informed by my client that u are publishing copyrighted images and we are now giving u notice of 48 hours to take down this site ( or risk being issued a lawyer letter for BREACH OF COPYRIGHTS and INVASION OF PRIVACY and UNLAWFUL DISTRIBUTION OF COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS charges being put against you. We are writing this email to you in regards to all the EDISON CHEN scandal pictures u have been posting all around the internet. We also suggest u to take down the link inside which you are distributing these pictures with also. Please do so within the given time frame and we will not have to issue legal proceedings.
Thanks again and hope to have a favorable response from you

Bucky Chan
WCL & L Associates

Special Thanks to "Links"