Before Edison Chen Scandal, Twins Gillian Chung had Photos Taken with Hidden Spy Camera in Her Changing Room

Hong Kong singer Gillian Chung from the pop duo TWINS become the victim of a hidden camera, with magazine publishing photos of her changing clothes during the TWINS concert in Genting, Malaysia. So before Edison took sex photos of Gillian, she was caught naked without knowing it. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Twins, a Hong Kong-based Cantopop duo band is consisting of two young ex-models, Charlene Choi Cheuk-Yin and Gillian Chung Yan-Tung, who by birth is originally Chung Ka-Lai. And last 2 years ago, after a successful concert in Arena of Stars Genting Highlands in Malaysia on 18 and 19 August 2006, pop star Gillian Chung (or also commonly known as Ah Kiu) was caught in photos and/or videos taken by hidden spy camera fixing her bra in backstage changing room. Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung were apparently changing their blouses after the concert before heading to celebratory party. The pictures were then published in Hong Kong’s Easy Finder magazine.

The Twins’ Gillian Chung photos published is not a nude photos though, although when the photos were taken, Gilliang Chung was naked or with just nipple tape. The series of photos shots show Gillian undressing, no breast revealed with her modesty protected only by a piece of cloth which her assistants were holding up. In one of the photo, Gillian Chung was pictured with naked shoulder though. The photos were described with indecent article too. Gillian immediately broke into tears when she saw the published photos.