The First Edison Chen, Gillian Chung, Bobo & Cecilia Cheung Sex Scandal Photos

The Gutter Report aka will be reposting all the Edison Chen Sex Scandal Photos this weekend.

These are the first set of pics "Kira" released setting off the biggest sex sandal of the internet era. These let the World know what a huge pimp this Edison Chen dude is, revealing that he has fuck and photographed almost every famous Hong Kong and singer that crossed his path. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Edison Chen (陳冠希) is at the centre of a media storm after explicit photos allegedly showing him in bed with rumoured ex-girlfriend Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐) surfaced on the internet. In one of the photos, which appear to be screencaps from a video, the woman, who is completely naked apart from a bra pulled underneath her exposed breasts, has her legs spread apart to show her vagina, while the man looks to the camera. Another photo shows the man fingering the woman. Other photos show the man giving the woman oral sex.

Another photo that allegedly shows Edison receiving oral sex from ex-girlfriend Bobo Chan (陳文媛) has also surfaced on the internet.

And another set of photos that allegedly shows Cecilia Cheung (张柏芝) posing for Edison while masturbating and squeezing her nipples.

Through her company EEG, Gillian has said that the photos allegedly showing her are fakes. Through his lawyers, Edison has said that he will take legal action against anyone who distributes the photos.

In a statement to the press, EEG said: "Our company has found some criminal activity on the internet. Someone has used digital alteration to create distasteful photographs of our company's artist, Gillian Chung. As this is a serious matter, our company is currently investigating the source of these photographs and the identity of the person who released them.

"We have reported the matter to the police and the matter is being dealt with by our lawyers. Once we have identified the perpetrators, we will be taking legal action against them.

"Distribution of pornographic material is a criminal offence and any publications showing or distributing these photographs must cease at once, otherwise our company will be taking whatever legal action is required."

Edison's lawyers released a statement saying: "Our law firm has been instructed by Mr Edison Chen, in light of the publication of some distasteful photographs on the internet, to make this announcement on behalf of him to condemn strongly this irresponsible behaviour. We reserve all legal rights and will pursue these against anyone who distributes or publishes this material."

There are rumours on internet discussion boards that the person who released the photos will soon release a full video.