Edison Chen Suspected of Leaking Naughty Sex Photos Himself

Hong Kong police took away several computers belonging to singer and actor Edison Chen during an overnight search at his residence. This is the latest move to probe into a nude pictures scandal that has shocked the world's Chinese-speaking community.

Edison Chen spent 10 hours yesterday being questioned by Hong Kong police after they seized more computer equipment from his home. On the computer equipment, which includes the Cotton Candy Mac, police found another 1,000 naughty pictures and videos. Three new celebrity women were also identified in the new pictures. Hong Kong police notified the girls they had found pictures of them on Edison’s computer. While in Hong Kong Edison has been staying at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel.

Besides searching his computer the police also required Chen to answer whether 18-year-old Yang, who is the niece of the boss of Chen's agent company, was above the age of 16 when she was snapped nude in shower, the report said.Yang is still a college student in the United States. Thursday Canada-born Edison Chen told more than 300 reporters at the news conference that he was "sorry to those ladies and their families" involved in the scandal and hope he can have "the public's forgiveness" and "a new chance" after all that has happened.

Today Edison was back at the Wanchai Police Headquarters where he was questioned by police again. Police now suspect that Edison was actually working with the computer technician who was arrested by police after being accused of stealing, then distributing the naughty pictures from Edison’s laptop after he repaired it.

Police suspect that Edison arranged for the technician to spread the photos to help boost Edison’s image internationally, much like it did for Paris Hilton, in the hopes he would be able to get more work in Hollywood, and other countries outside Hong Kong. The technician may have not received any money from Edison directly, instead he may have made money selling the photos on the black market, and may have received some of the profit from street vendors who have been selling CDs of the pictures.

If Edison did arrange for the pictures to be distributed with his permission, it would justify his fear of being prosecuted by police in Hong Kong, and may be the reason he tried to cut a deal with police and prosecutors before returning to Hong Kong. Today was the second day of questioning for Edison, which could mean he is a suspect. The technician was released from police custody earlier this month.

Edison’s sister, Trician Chen, says she has been speaking to Edison several times a day, and that Edison plans to leave Hong Kong as soon as possible. Once again, it seems Edison wants to get far away from Hong Kong before police officially arrest him.

If police find out for sure that Edison is directly responsible for leaking the naughty pictures to boost his career, he is sure to be in bigger trouble than first thought. The triads will for sure killed him in a Hong Kong prison because he cannot bring his American bodyguards with him in there.