Edison Chen Grilled By HK Police For 10 Hours After Giving His Statement

Edison Chen, personally appeared to formally apologize and announced that he would be leaving the entertainment industry. Afterwards, the police contacted him to investigate and follow up on the un-released pictures. In the early morning, Edison accompanied by lawyers and a large entourage of bodyguards, secretly went to the Wan Chai police headquarters to assist in the investigation.

The ordeal took nearly 10 hours. At 7 at night, he attempted to avoid the media when he was leaving the police headquarters. But he was photographed leaving in the above exclusive pictures.

According to sources, Edison went to the police headquarters and recorded his statement. It was originally planned to be finished in a couple of hours. But the police was pinpointing answers for suspicions and questions. The questions include how the pictures were taken, the equipment and if the pictures were shared with others before the images were stolen. Also, were the images uploaded to the internet for sharing between friends, copied and etc? They continuously questioned Edison and his group of lawyers gave careful answers. This made the process extend to nearly 10 hours.

Today, Edison will go to the police headquarters to provide more information. His laptop was handed over to the computer forensics to verify how the images were stolen. It was estimated the primarily results would be out in one or two days.

Yesterday, early morning, Edison successfully avoided the reporters outside of the Four Seasons at Central with the help of the police. He went to the Wan Chai police headquarters to assist in the investigation. In this case, there were approximately 1300 pictures involving seven females.

The forensic investigators are retrieving evidence from the laptop involved in the scandal. They are also trying to retrieve deleted files and information. The browsing history, e-mail correspondence and computer log files are being carefully investigated. The police will investigate the laptop usage when it was being repaired and the browsing history during that time. They will try to find clues left behind after files were copied.

The meeting between Edison and the police lasted nearly 10 hours. He left around 7 o’clock at night. Before Edison left, two police officers in causal clothing went to the main gates to look around first. They would communicate to each other through their earpieces to confirm the number of reporters present at which location. There were 11 reporters at the main gates at the time.

Afterwards, the two police officers went to the exits of the Queensway parking lot. The reporters who were there were questioned by the police officers.

After a while, Edison quickly left the police headquarters with two police officers and six foreign bodyguards who were employed by Edison. Edison wore a blue traditional Chinese silk jacket with a blue camouflage hoodie and jeans. He pulled his hoodie down to avoid looking at people but he would look around. He appeared very nervous and anxious.

The reporter saw this and immediately took pictures. The police officers became nervous and said to the reporters: “Okay. This is enough. Don’t come any closer.” The police officers and bodyguards immediately took Edison to the parking lot. They got Edison into a Jaguar and the car sped off.

Edison drove to Central’s International Financial Centre. He stopped at a light and the reporters hurled themselves to the car to take pictures. Afterwards, he drove to the Four Seasons hotel.

Fifteen minutes later, a white vehicle contained three males and one female from the witness protection squad came to the hotel. It was speculated that they would do surveillance around the hotel premise.